Orthodontic Treatment and Braces

Having orthodontic treatment and braces can be beneficial for your teeth. Orthodontic treatments and braces aim to straighten your teeth and help to position them in relation to your bite.


During orthodontic treatment, retainers are used to keep teeth in a particular position. These retainers are usually custom-made for each individual patient.

Retainers help to maintain the new position of teeth after braces are removed. They prevent teeth from shifting back to their original crooked positions. They can also help to accelerate the process of teeth straightening.

Retainers are usually made of metal or plastic. They can be either removable or fixed. Retainers can be custom-made in a laboratory in as little as one week.

Retainers are designed to keep teeth in a position for at least six months after braces are removed. It is a good idea to wear your retainer as often as possible after braces are removed.

Some retainers are designed to be removable and can be taken out during meals and while playing contact sports. Others are permanent and are bonded to the back of the teeth. They are usually made of clear plastic and require the same care as braces.

Retainers are also designed to prevent relapse after orthodontic treatment. If the retainer is not worn properly, it can revert back to its original crooked position. It may be helpful to wear your retainer once a week.

Some people have a high risk of relapse. They may have a close bite or their teeth may be very crowded. If this is the case, a permanent retainer may be a good choice. It will be bonded to the back of the teeth and will not require regular flossing.

A permanent retainer is similar to Invisalign trays. It is bonded to the back of the teeth and fits securely. It can be uncomfortable to wear, but it is effective at preventing relapse. It costs $150 to $500.

Damon Clear braces

Whether you’re looking to correct a bad bite, straighten your teeth, or simply improve your smile, Damon Clear braces can offer you the perfect aesthetic solution. In addition to being less uncomfortable than traditional metal braces, they are also much easier to clean and can reduce the risk of oral problems.

These braces are designed to provide optimal results in a shorter time frame. They combine tie-less brackets with high-tech archwires. These brackets are made from ceramic and are virtually invisible.

These brackets also reduce discomfort because they are smaller in size, which reduces pressure on your mouth. The brackets are also stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Because they do not use elastic ties, the Damon System is less prone to plaque. Elastic ties also attract bacteria, which can weaken the gums and harm oral health.

This means less time for adjustments, which can save you money. These braces also require fewer office visits, which reduces discomfort for patients.

Damon System braces allow your teeth to move with less friction, resulting in faster treatment. They also reduce the need for expanders. They also use a slide mechanism to maintain the archwires, which makes it easier to adjust your teeth.

With Damon System braces, you may be able to finish your treatment in as little as six months. This is because the archwires are clinically proven to move teeth fast.

Another benefit of the Damon System is that it reduces the need for tooth extractions. Traditional braces require the removal of healthy teeth. In addition, the elastic ties may attract plaque, which can increase discomfort and slow treatment.

Damon Clear braces are also a great option for children. These braces are comfortable and effective at correcting severe tooth crowding.

Traditional braces

Using traditional braces is a great way to correct dental issues. They work by applying gentle pressure to teeth. This helps to straighten them out, allowing you to smile more confidently.

These braces come in different types. There are those that are clear, ceramic, and tooth-colored. Each of these types of braces uses different wires and elastics to move teeth into a more suitable position.

Traditional metal braces are still the most common. They work by using metal brackets and archwires to gently straighten teeth. They are used to treat a wide variety of dental issues.

Metal braces are connected to archwires by o-rings and elastic bands. They are tightened at certain intervals during treatment. Each time a wire is tightened, a new elastic band is attached to the bracket.

Traditional braces are a great option for teens and adults. They are less noticeable and cost less than other types of braces. The average time it takes for treatment is around 18 months.

The treatment can also help prevent oral health problems from developing. Misaligned teeth can lead to plaque buildup, gum disease, and tooth decay. These problems can also affect your speech. You should always brush and floss regularly to keep your braces clean.

These braces can also be fixed, so you can have your teeth straightened out and not have to worry about eating, speaking, or speaking in a mouthful. Braces can also help to open up areas for new teeth to grow.

Braces work by exerting pressure on teeth. They can fix overbites, underbites, or misaligned bites. If your teeth are misaligned, you may find it difficult to chew properly. The food you eat can become trapped in your mouth, leading to dental hygiene problems.

Non-metal braces

Traditionally, braces were bulky and painful to wear. Today, technology has helped make orthodontic treatment more comfortable and convenient. You can choose from a wide range of types and styles of braces to meet your orthodontic needs.

Braces are a great solution for people who want to have a perfectly aligned set of teeth. They are made of high-quality stainless steel and come in a variety of colors. They provide effective results for mild to severe cases of crooked teeth and malocclusions. They can be used for adults and children.

Metal braces are the most common type of braces. These braces are attached to your teeth using brackets and wire. The wire provides constant pressure and can be adjusted to move your teeth in the right direction. They are also stronger than ceramic braces.

Metal braces are more durable than ceramic braces. They do not stain as easily. However, they can be more expensive and may require more adjustments. They are also not covered by most dental insurance plans.

Ceramic braces are less noticeable than metal braces. They can be used to correct crowded teeth, excessive overjet, and crossbite. However, they take longer to align your teeth than metal braces.

Ceramic braces are made of translucent materials that make them more invisible than metal braces. However, they are more fragile and are more likely to break. They also stain more easily than metal braces. They can be brushed after meals to help get rid of staining.

Ceramic braces are not ideal for people who play contact sports. They may also cause irritation to the soft tissues in your mouth. They also need to be replaced more often.

Metal braces are a great option for people who want a drastic correction. They are also less likely to stain than ceramic braces. They also offer more control and control is important when it comes to your smile.

Problems with misaligned teeth

Having problems with misaligned teeth can have an effect on your smile and overall appearance. Crooked teeth can also cause other problems, such as a bad bite, gum disease, and tooth decay.

The best way to deal with teeth that are misaligned is to find out what’s causing them and get treatment. Orthodontic treatment can help correct misaligned teeth and improve the functionality of the teeth and jaw muscles.

Crooked teeth are more likely to cause gum disease and tooth decay. They also increase the chances of suffering from diabetes and stroke. A good way to combat gum disease is by cleaning your teeth regularly.

Misaligned teeth can be caused by a variety of things, including genetics, environmental factors, and injury. In most cases, treatment is needed to correct a misalignment.

Orthodontic treatment involves the use of braces or other devices. They are usually applied to children and teenagers. Braces can be either removable or fixed. Surgical treatment is also available. They are usually done to correct extreme misalignments.

The best way to determine if you need orthodontic treatment is to ask your dentist. They will be able to tell you what your problem is and give you the best solution for it. Often, the dentist will also refer you to an orthodontist, who will develop a treatment plan based on the specific problem you have.

Other symptoms include chronic headaches, a crooked smile, or the inability to chew properly. If you’re considering orthodontic treatment, it’s best to consult with a La Mesa orthodontics specialist to find out more about your condition.

A dentist may also pull out a cheek to determine the best course of action. They can also do dental x-rays.

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